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Hypemasters is an international game development studio with HQ in the US & offices in Europe. We have been around since 2019 and are committed to bringing our players legendary and genre-defining gaming experiences. Currently, we are working on our first game - World War Commander, the true RTS for mobile.




Masters of Hype


Legendary game


Back in 2019, we have started as a small studio developing casual mobile games. We were concentrated on shipping something fast to prove ourselves operational asap. After a couple of games, we have started to question ourselves? Who are we and what are we here for? We have realised our true ambitions, values and culture.

We are here to create legendary & genre-defining games that players all over the world enjoy for years.

We have decided that we wanted to concentrate on truly unique experiences never seen before. Having played so many games, we wanted to be different and create legendary games. In order to achieve that we had to create the right environment and attract the best developers. That’s exactly what we have started and continue doing to this day. Below you can find our foundational principles that and allow us to grow.



We have been able to grow by continually, re-evaluating ourselves, our rules, our culture and our processes. We are always ready to change and are comfortable with it.


There is no one in our company who can push you, control you or rule over you. Every person is free to decide on what to work on. Every voice is heard and respected. Every person has an opportunity to grow into whatever he or she wishes to be. Every person is responsible. We are flat & lean. 


There is nothing better than radical transparency. We practice candour, share maximum information, voice our concerns and give feedback. Nothing is left under the rug. Needless to say, it helps us to be the best.

Masters of Hype

We hire and retain true masters. We are the strongest game development team, eager to win and create the legendary experiences.


We’re grateful for the support of our investors

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What we are working on

The first truly legendary game in our portfolio is World War Commander.

Learn about it here


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