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"They worked so hard every night, they were coming back home with red eyes and zombie faces.Their girlfriends were wondering: What is it? Alcohol? Drugs? Addiction!?"


It all started when two guys, working in tech met up over a glass of fresh celery juice after their hot yoga class.

‘Something is wrong’ – said one – ‘free breakfasts, pet-friendly policies and Jeff Koons’ balloon dog at my office don’t bring me joy anymore’.

‘I am so happy you said that. My celery juice makes me want to throw up’ – said the other.

They decided that they needed to escape their current reality. So, they rented an abandoned night club and started building a reality where life was governed by absurd and wild imagination instead of boring reason and mental wellbeing considerations.

They worked so hard every night, they were coming back home with red eyes and zombie faces. Their girlfriends were wondering: ‘What is it? Alcohol? Drugs? Addiction!?’ They were right, it was an addiction, but a good one.

Before they knew it, the new reality got its first visitors, they loved its freedom, lack of logic and mindlessness. As the hype was growing, the two creators lost control of what was happening.

When the still new reality got ravaged by a gang of raccoons they decided they needed to build a solid team and take control of all this hype.

This is how Hypemasters was born.

Today we are a small but mighty team worshiping the victory of creativity and imagination over mediocracy and boredom. We build realities across galaxies, question things and have much cooler addictions than celery juice.