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Why Join Us

We create legendary & genre-defining games that players all over

the world enjoy for years

Define genres that millions of players

will enjoy for years

Become a true master thanks

to our knowledge-sharing culture

Work on legendary games that

are transforming the industry

You will get to create genre-defining & fun experiences!

More flexible than yogis - we don't care where or how you work. Only results.

Like working remotely? No problem.

Like offices? We have a couple

of cool ones!

Like offices? We have a couple

of cool ones!

You will have a great time

Genre-defining offsites. Haven't heard about Hyperative, have you?

​You will have an opportunity to finally stop playing and start winning

Be valued for your ideas and not your status – it’s a meritocracy here

Work with top gaming professionals

Grow fast in a dynamic international company – we are ambitious

and it is addictive

Our virtues

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There is nothing better than radical transparency. We practice candour, share maximum information, voice our concerns and give feedback. Nothing is left under the rug. Needless to say, it helps us to be the best.

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We hire and retain true masters. We are the strongest game development team, eager to win and create the legendary experiences.

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We have been able to grow by continually, re-evaluating ourselves, our rules, our culture and our processes. We are always ready to change and are comfortable with it.

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There is no one in our company who can push you, control you or rule over you. Every person is free to decide on what to work on. Every voice is heard and respected. Every person has an opportunity to grow into whatever he or she wishes to be. Every person is responsible. We are flat & lean. 



Kate Safronova

Art Lead


Right now, I’m the only girl in the art team, but not the only one in the company.

Many women in our company are in charge and know how to manage processes,

so many of them have grown into leads by now.


Anton Shilin

Server Developer


Working with the team is really comfortable. There is no bureaucracy that puts sticks in the wheels, everything is open and independent, we are all equal.


Vera Popova

Junior UA


My internship experience at Hypemasters in the User Acquisition department has been truly remarkable. I'm now a full-fledged member of the company and find myself inspired by the launch of our intern campaign.

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