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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes how and when Hypemasters, Inc. (“Hypemasters”. “We”, “Us”, “Our”) information is collected and utilized by and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies regarding your use of Our Services. By using Our Games or visiting Our Website at (collectively – “the Services”), you (“User”) consent to this Policy.

We reserve the right to amend Our Privacy Policy. Amendments will be effective from the moment of publication, so please check regularly to be sure you are familiar with the latest version. If We decide to amend this Policy, We will post those changes on this page. In certain data regions, We may ask for your explicit consent when it is necessary. ​

Hypemasters, Inc. has its principal address at Hypemasters, Inc.,  8 The Green Ste 300 Dover, DE 19901.

Telephone number: +447823586816


When you play the Games or use the Website We may collect your personal data.
We collect and/or process personal data to provide Services to you, improve Our Services, and show the Users personalized advertisements. We may collect and/or operate provided information with explicit consent provided by the User if such consent is required in the User’s data region.
You consent to the processing of your personal data in Our Services by choosing the appropriate options in the Services’ interfaces. The collection of personal data is crucial for us to provide you with the Services, therefore, if you wish to opt-out from processing of your personal data, unfortunately, the functionality of Our Services available to you will be limited. Nevertheless, you have the option to require the deletion of any personal data We have collected.
For the purposes of European data protection laws, We are the data controller. 
For the purposes of CPPA, We are the data controller.


  • Advertising ID means the resettable and unique identifier associated with your device that is used by advertisers for ad tracking (IDFA for iOS devices or Android ID for Android devices, Google Advertising ID, Open Advertising ID).

  • Location Information means general information about the location from which you are playing the Games. We do not collect precise geolocation information, however, We may collect your device’s IP address which can be used to identify the general location (city, province/state, country).

  • Device Information means technical information about your Device. When We refer to Device Information, this means your Device ID, your Device’s IP and MAC addresses, your internet service provider (ISP), your browser and browser plug-in types, operating system and operating system version, jailbreak information, network information, the brand and manufacturer of your Device, the language you have set for your Device, the version of the Games installed on your Device, and the name of your carrier.

  • Vivox means software integrated into the Game for the purposes of facilitating communication between Users by means of text and audio-messages. More information about Vivox is available at:

    Below is the list of types of personal data We may process when you use Our Services. 



Personal Data

  • The version number of the game you are using and the operating system version running on the device you use for the connection

  • Advertising IDs, Location Information, and Device Information

  • Location Information, and Device Information, User ID (in the Games)

  • Information on the frequency; length of the game; device; platform; level etc.

  • User ID in social network (e.g.Facebook user ID, email at Apple Sign In, Google Play Games ID) or your email 

  • Information, data and content sent and received by the Users via Vivox and other means of communication integrated into Our Services (e.g. text and audio-messages; pictures and screenshots shared via Our Services, etc.)
    Information about the Users’ lists of friends formed within Our Services by the Users; the information, data and content shared by the Users with the other Users added to their lists of friends via Our Services

Legal Basis for Collection

  • Performance of the Terms of Service which you consent to in the consent form in the Games

  • Your consent which you express by filling the consent form in the Games with the and Our legitimate interests for direct marketing
    Your consent which you express by logging in to the social network profile and performance of the Terms of Service which you consent to in the consent form in the Games


  • Analytics – for more information, please see section “Analytics”.

  • Advertising – for more information, please see the section “Advertisement”.

  • Games functionality – for more information, please see section “Games Functionality”.

  • Providing you with the best user experience and allowing you to save the progress in the Games

  • Facilitating interaction among the Users by means of sending messages to other Users, adding other Users as friends on Our Services and sharing content with Other Users
    Allowing you to save progress on multiple Devices.



Personal Data​

  • Device Information

  • Information about your interaction with the Website, i.e. number of times the Website was accessed by you, the exact time you accessed and exited the Website

  • Location information, information on the search engine you used prior to accessing the Website

  • Information on your interaction with other Websites, statistics and preferences in regard to content

  • Your e-mail that is necessary for the authorization and can be used for sending you news, offers and notifications in relation to the Games

Legal Basis for C

  • Your consent to the processing of “cookie”-files given on Our Website - for more information, please see section “Cookies”

  • Your consent with receiving messages from us which you express by registering an account in the Games and providing us with your e-mail address.


  • Analytics - for more information, please see section “Analytics”

  • Advertising – for more information, please see section “Advertisement”

  • Newsletter – providing you with news, offers, updates and notifications

(Through the games or the website)

Personal Data​
Name and email address, Location Information, Device Information

Legal Basis for Collection​
Your consent which you express by filling in the contact form in the Games or on the Website

You have the option to contact Our customer support team directly from some of Our Games or Website. When you do, We will collect and use this information to respond to your requests and/or comments.
For storing, validating, and processing all types of personal data indicated above we implement a third-party service – Google Cloud (Google Inc.) and HelpDesk.
Google Cloud and Help Desk do not transfer your personal data to third parties, neither do they sell it or use it for purposes such as targeting advertisements or automated decision making. We implement Google Cloud and Help Desk only to store and process your personal data for our internal purposes and the purposes set out above.
Here is the link to the Google Cloud privacy policy:
Here is the link to the HelpDesk privacy policy: 

When you make in-app purchases in the Games, We do not collect or have any access to your name and billing information. This information is collected and stored by your platform (e.g. Apple’s App Store, Android’s Google Play) or your platform’s payment processor.
Below you may find the list of the relevant platforms, payment processors and their privacy policies:
Google Play:;
Samsung Galaxy Store:

We will keep your personal information as long as you use Our Services. After you stop using Our Services, We will delete your personal information, unless it is prescribed by the applicable Data Protection Laws to store it for the period that is necessary to comply with the legal requirements.​

Under Data Protection Laws you have certain data subject rights including the right to:​

  • Request access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data;

  • Obtain restriction of processing or to object to the processing of your personal data;

  • Ask for a copy of your Personal Data to be provided to You, or a third party, in a digital (machine-readable) format.

You may also exercise any rights provided by the applicable Data Protection Laws. If you wish to exercise one of the above-mentioned rights, please contact us at


Transfer of Personal Data Outside of the EEA. Because We may store the data We collect outside the EEA and some of the third-party services providers We engage are located in countries outside of the EEA, your personal data may be transferred to other countries, e.g. the United States of America, that may not offer the same level of data protection as the laws of your country of residence.
We will store your personal data in such jurisdictions using all the necessary security mechanisms for protecting your personal data, including data encryption and standard contractual clauses.
Existence of different rules and regulations on personal data processing in such jurisdictions
While We and the providers of the third-party services take all the reasonable and necessary measures aimed at protection of your personal data against unauthorized access by third parties, We shall inform you about the possible risks of such storage of your personal data in jurisdictions outside the European Union under Art.49(1)(a) of the GDPR. Such possible risks include:

  1. Existence of different rules and regulations on personal data processing in such jurisdictions that are different from the GDPR. However, We provide personal data subjects with the level of guarantees granted to personal data subjects by the GDPR.

  2. Obtaining access to your personal data by state organs of the United States of America or other special governmental Services, including the police. However, such access can only be obtained by these Services in accordance with the applicable law of that country and if there are legal grounds for obtaining the access.

  3. Efforts of illegitimate access to personal data. We take all the necessary measures to prevent such efforts and do not allow to unauthorized access your personal data.

By agreeing to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, you provide us with the explicit consent to transfer your personal data to the United States of America despite all the possible risks of such transfer. 


If you wish to opt out of the processing of your personal data and delete your data, you should contact us at with a request to delete your data. We may process your request within 30 days from the date of its receipt by Us.
We would need to identify the requestor so We may ask for additional information. After completion of the processes, your data will be deleted in 3 days. All your progress will be lost, same for the in-app purchases and account details.



As for a game developer, it is important for us to know how Users interact with Our Games.
We may check the version number of the game you are using and the operating system version running on the device you use for the connection. This data is used for statistical purposes and will not be stored or transferred.
We enable third-party services to collect your Location Information, Device Information, and Advertising IDs so that We can deliver Our game Services to Our users, measure, analyze, and improve the performance of the Games, and continually update and develop Our Games.
We will use this information to assess the difficulty level of Games, fix any bugs or errors in the Games, evaluate the demographics of Our users, and determine whether We need to support a new Device type for the Games, determine whether We need to change Our marketing and distribution decisions.
The third-party services We use put in place technical and organizational measures to ensure the safe processing of personal data as stated in their privacy policies.
We ensure that the agreements We conclude with the third-party services providers contain provisions for the safe processing of your personal data and the appropriate safeguards prescribed by the applicable data protection laws.
We enable the collection of personal data by the third-party services using their Software Development Kits (hereinafter – «SDK’s») which contain options and safeguards to ensure the protection of personal data.

Below you may find the list of the third-party services and their privacy policies:
Firebase (Google Inc.):;
App Store Connect:;
Big Query (Google Inc.):;
Unity Distribution Portal:;
Unity Ads:;
Google Play Console:

Our Website is directed at promoting or Services and it is important for us to know the number of users who have shown interest in purchasing Our Services or learning more about them and the generalized locations of the Users.
We have placed “cookie”-files (hereinafter – “Cookies”) on Our Website that are uploaded to your Device when you access Our Website and give consent to the cookie-files processing (to learn more about Cookies, please see section “Cookies”).
These Cookies may be provided and are used by us to learn more about Our audience and the efficacy of the measures We use to draw interest to Our Services, their viability as business projects.

Our Games may include third-party services that show targeted advertisements. We integrate these third-party services into Our Games using their SDKs which are then used by the third-party services providers to determine what kind of ads to display to you.
Below is the list of the third-party services We use for advertisement and the links to their privacy policies:
Admob (Google Inc.):;
Meta Ads Manager:;
Unity Ads:;
Google Ads (Google Adwords):;
ByteDance Global:;
Reddit Ads:;
Apple Search Ads:

To show you ads that might be interesting and/or relevant to you (“Targeted Ads”), third-party services collect and use your Advertising ID, Location Information, and Device Information. If location Services are enabled in your Device settings, the third-party services may additionally collect your geolocation information. Because these third-party services technologies control what kind of personal information is collected from your Device and how it is used, We encourage you to review their respective privacy policies.

If you do not want to receive Targeted Ads you may decide to opt out from the processing of your personal data by Us, however, the functionality of Our Services available to you will be limited. Apart from this, your mobile Device may give you the option to opt out of receiving Targeted Ads on all apps on your Device. On Android Devices, you may opt out by enabling the “Opt out of Ads Personalization” setting. On iOS Devices, you may opt out by enabling the “Limit Ad Tracking” setting.
In addition, you may be able to opt out of receiving Targeted Ads from a specific third-party service. Please review Our third-party services list and their privacy policies to see if they offer the ability to opt out of receiving Targeted Ads.
In any event, you can contact us at and inform us about your wish to opt out of receiving Targeted Ads. We will share this information with Our third-party services.
Please note that if you opt out of receiving Targeted Ads, you may still receive contextual ads, which are non-targeted ads related to the content of the Games you are using.

We do not place advertisement from third parties on Our Website. However, We may integrate Cookies on Our Website that may collect your personal data to serve you with the advertisements tailored to your preferences regarding content.  
The more detailed description of the Cookies We use is contained in the section “Cookies” of this Policy and the provisions it references.

By providing us with your email address and opting in to receive marketing communications from us via a special form in the Game or on the Website, you consent to the use of your email address for direct marketing purposes. We will only use your email address for sending you promotional materials, newsletters, product updates, and other marketing content that may be of interest to you.

To ensure that messages are sent efficiently and on time, We use the Intuit Mailchimp service. You can view the privacy policy of this service at the following link:


We do not sell or rent your email address to third parties for their marketing purposes. However, We may occasionally collaborate with trusted third-party partners to provide you with special offers or promotions that We believe will be of interest to you. In such cases, We will clearly identify the message as originating from a third party and provide you with the option to opt-in or opt-out of their marketing communications.

We respect your right to control the information you receive from us. If at any time you decide that you no longer wish to receive marketing emails from us, you can easily opt out by clicking the "unsubscribe" link provided at the bottom of any of our marketing emails. 
You may also contact ss directly to request removal from our marketing email list.
Once you have unsubscribed, We will promptly update our records to ensure you no longer receive marketing communications. Please note that even if you opt out of receiving marketing emails, you may continue to receive transactional or service-related messages from us.


To provide you with the best experience in Our Games, we integrate certain third-party services which may process your personal data. Please examine the following examples of such third-party services: 

Example A. We implement Photon Quantum Engine to provide you with the multiplayer functions of the game. This third-party service processes minimal personal data consisting of your Device and Location information and the User ID assigned to you in the Games. 

Example B. We implement Vivox to facilitate communication between Users in the form of sending and receiving text and audio messages. 

Example C. We use Apple App Store, Google Play, Google Cloud server, UDP User Data Protocol, Xsolla services to conduct payment services and validation for Our software. 

Example D. We implement login services (e.g. Facebook ID, Google Play Games ID, email at Apple App Store, User Data Protocol) for the purposes specified in sections of the present Policy titled “While you play games”. 

We ensure that the third-party services which we integrate into the Games comply with the Personal Data Laws and our agreement with these services providers encompass the required safeguards for data protection.

Below is the list of the third-party services We use for functionality and the links to their privacy policies:
Photon Quantum Engine:;
Google Play Store:;
Google Cloud server:;
User Data Protocol:

Our Website uses Cookies. We use Cookies to provide the Website to you and maintain your navigation through it. We may also use Cookies to personalize content and ads, provide social media features and analyze Our traffic. We may also share information about your use of Our Site with the third-party service providers who may combine it with other information that you have provided to them or that they have collected from your use of their Services.
Cookies are small text files that can be used by Websites put on your Device when you access the Websites to make a user's experience more efficient.
We may process the Cookies necessary for the operation of Our Website. For all other types of Cookies, We need your permission. Our Website may use different types of Cookies. Some Cookies are placed by third-party services that appear on Our Website’s pages. The personal data processed with the use of Cookies is envisaged in the section “What Kind Of Information Do We Collect?” of this Policy.
You can at any time change or withdraw your consent from the processing of Cookies on Our Website using the Opt-out window presented on Our Website.

The processing of personal data about customers that are California residents is subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) We are committed to retaining, using and disclosing such information for the specific purpose of performing the Services of supplying you with the Games or as otherwise permitted under the CCPA. The following rights apply in accordance with CCPA.
Right to know and right to delete. Pursuant to the section “How to Delete My Data”, you may make a request to disclose or request to delete your personal information by contacting us at
Right to opt out. You have the right to opt out from future “sales” of personal information.

You may opt out of the sale of personal data by not using Our Services.
You may also opt out of interest-based advertisements by adjusting the settings on your mobile device. For iOS mobile devices, go to “Settings” from the device’s home screen; scroll down to “Privacy”; select “Advertising”; and turn on “Limit Ad Tracking.” For Android mobile devices, go to “Google Settings” on the device; select “Ads”; and check the box labelled “Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads”.
If you would like to disable the collection of your mobile device geolocation information, you can make this selection on your mobile device.
The third-party services We use for Analytics and Advertisements may contain their own options to opt-out of the sales of personal data. To get to know how Our third-party services handle the sales of personal data, please read their respective privacy policies.

To opt out from the sales of your personal data processed through Our Website, simply click here:
Do Not Sell My Personal Information

The Services are intended for general audiences and Hypemasters, Inc. does not knowingly collect any Personal Data from children. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child has provided us with information without their consent, he or she should contact us. We will delete such information from Our files within a reasonable period.
Some third parties, such as platform providers like the iTunes Store or Google Play may provide age-based ratings. These ratings shall have no bearing on this limitation. Third parties may also provide content categories on some of the Services. These categories shall have no bearing on this limitation.

You may only have access to Our games by downloading them from the following stores:
Apple App Store
Privacy policy:
Google Play
Privacy policy:
Huawei App Gallery
Privacy policy:
Privacy policy:
Privacy policy:
Privacy policy:
Samsung Galaxy Store
Privacy policy:
Privacy policy:
Privacy policy:
If you use Our games and/or Services downloaded elsewhere We bear no responsibility for potential loss or damage of your personal data and other data.

We may buy or sell/divest/transfer the company (including any shares in the company), or any combination of its products, services, assets and/or businesses. Your information such as customer names and email addresses, and other User information related to the Services may be among the items sold or otherwise transferred in these types of transactions.
We may also sell, assign or otherwise transfer such information in the course of corporate divestitures, mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, dissolutions, reorganizations, liquidations, similar transactions or proceedings involving all or a portion of the company. You will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on our Site or in the Games of any change in ownership or uses of your personal information, as well as any choices you may have regarding your personal data.


We operate globally, thus we may for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy transfer your information to our affiliated entities and/or to other third party service providers across border and from your country or jurisdiction to other countries or jurisdictions around the world. Please note, that these countries and jurisdictions may not have the same data protection laws as your own jurisdiction, but wherever your personal information is transferred, stored or processed by us, we will take reasonable steps to safeguard the privacy of your personal information.

Last updated: November 14, 2023

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