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A true real-time strategy game about the Second World War awaits you. World War Commander is a multiplayer game that will test your strategic thinking and decision making skills at every moment of the game. You have to get out of difficult combat situations and confront unique strategies of your opponent.


Development Timeline

Q4 2020
Technical Beta Launch

Our first open beta release, just 6 months from our first lines of code. First proof that the game is a total success.

Q2 2021
MVP Launch

The minimal version of the core-loop - basic gameplay, 3 maps, 2 nations and content progression.

Q4 2021
Major Update: Generals

Control the battlefield with generals - they are there to show off their skills.

Q2 2020
Design & Technical Foundations

The idea of a classical RTS on mobile has started to materialize into the game.

Q1 2022
Major Update: Matchmaking

Compete with other players who match your skill.

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