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Learn today, lead tomorrow - Hypemasters Internship

June 2, 2023

Introducing the summer 2023 Hypemasters internship program, our first-ever internship initiative! We are thrilled to offer talented and passionate individuals a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the gaming industry. Our program spans various departments, including Product, Developement, and Art teams.


At Hypemasters, we have witnessed the incredible growth and impact our junior team members have had over the past four years. They have been instrumental in driving numerous projects and have quickly risen within the company. Inspired by their success, we have decided to launch our internship program to connect with potential interns even before their graduation and set them on a path of growth even before joining our team.


We believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for aspiring professionals to thrive. By offering internships, we aim to connect with driven individuals who share our passion for the gaming industry and provide them with a platform to kickstart their careers. We are excited to identify and mentor the next generation at Hypemasters.


One of the most exciting aspects of our internship program is the opportunity for all interns to secure a full-time job upon successful completion of their internship. We are committed to recognising and rewarding exceptional talent, and we see our interns as potential future leaders of our company. This program is not just about gaining experience; it's about paving the way for long-term growth and success.


One success story we have had at Hypemasters is Vera Popova, our outstanding Marketing intern who joined Hypemasters with no prior experience but with a strong ambition to become a UA manager in the gaming industry. Through her dedication and our guidance, she has become an integral part of our team.


Vera's story:

My internship experience at Hypemasters in the User Acquisition department has been truly remarkable. I'm now a full-fledged member of the company and find myself inspired by the launch of our intern campaign.


My drive to excel and absorb knowledge in order to become a skilled User Acquisition Manager is fully supported by Hypemasters. They provide the ideal environment for my professional development and the success of the campaign.

What sets Hypemasters apart is their inclusive and supportive team. Despite being a beginner, my input is valued, which motivates my personal growth and contributions. Hypemasters empowers me to choose specific areas of user acquisition to explore further, allowing me to have a significant impact on our advertising strategies.


Working in Hypemasters' UA team is dynamic and exciting, as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of user acquisition. It keeps me engaged, motivated, and eager to learn new strategies. The comprehensive support I receive from Hypemasters is invaluable. They patiently answer my numerous questions, drawing on their knowledge and experience as valuable resources for my success.

The journey from intern to staff member at Hypemasters has been incredibly fulfilling. With their support, I aspire to become a successful User Acquisition Manager and make significant contributions to our advertising success. The nurturing environment and commitment to growth at Hypemasters have laid a solid foundation for my professional journey. I eagerly anticipate the future, where I can contribute to the company's achievements and the overall success of the intern campaign.

At Hypemasters, we strongly believe in the power of internships to inspire and develop the next generation of talented individuals. Our internship program provides a supportive and challenging environment where interns can grow personally and professionally.


Are you ready for an internship experience like no other? Join us at Hypemasters and pursue your passion while gaining valuable experience.

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